5 Items To Invest In This Season

Even though it doesn’t quite feel like it…Spring is here! We just have to convince mother nature. I pulled together some of my favorite trends that are a must-have this season. Whether you’re shopping on a budget or splurging on the high end, these items will keep you in trend. All different verisions, fabric, and colors can be found at just about any fashion retailer you walk in. I did invest in almost all of these items, so make sure you subscribe to see my unboxing.

  1. This or That! The fanny pack (bum bag)…or the backpack. These items are great travel items, keeping you hands-free and your items safe. I hate traveling with a large bag and sometimes you just get tired of holding them. Both of these are great options and I actually decided to invest in both.

    2. The perfect sunnies! I am a sunglass addict, every color, shape, and size. These are definitely a must have and can be found just about anywhere. This season they’re either taking it back or pushing it forward. Trends inspired by the 70’s similar to the round below and the matrix, futuristic shield glasses similar to the gold.


    3. This or that! The mules…or the slides. Again I personally invested in both, but that may be because I have a shopping problem. Perfect for both the Spring and Summer. The mule is very versatile and can be worn for multiple occasions. The slide is a great get up and go shoe. It comes in so many styles…simple, glam, athletic, so its great for all audiences. I definitely prefer these 2 trendy items over a basic flop.


    4. Body luminizer or bronzer! I mean who doesn’t want their skin to have a radiant glow? This stuff is amazing and so many different brands carry it so just go with your favorite. I’m sure everyone has heard about the Fenty Beauty Lava…I have not invested in that one yet, but I am planning on it.


    5. Transparent Fashion Items! If you’ve watched any runway show, you know transparent accessories are on the rise. From shoes to bags to jackets…they are taking the world by storm. Again, these items can be found in just about any fashion retailer, from budget to high end.


    I hope you decide to invest and I helped you to stay in trend. Thank you for reading. Until next time!

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