Press’d…Nail Trend

Soooo….I totally have a new obsession. Press ons! I ordered some custom press on from a nail tech name Lanni, based in Cleveland, OH. They are so easy to apply and take less than 20 minutes. I originally ordered them because I could not find a nail tech in Indianapolis and I desperately needed my nails done.

I sent her a photo of what I had in mind and a photo of my nails for sizing. (See photos below).

In my cute little package I received everything below, (glue, file, instructions, alcohol pad and wooden stick)

These are my end results.

The nails can be applied with stickers for 1-2 day wear or glue for up to 2 weeks wear. They are handmade and reusable. The only con I have is that it takes 2-3 weeks for her to customize them, but I am in love!! You really can’t even tell that they are press on nails. Let me know what you guys think.

Lanni Instagram: Pressdbylanni


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