Trendy Kids

I am not a mom myself, but I feel like everyone around me is! I wanted to share some cool trends this season for those stylist kiddies out there. I am definitely down for the mini fashionistas, but at an age appropriate level. Fashion is a way to express ourselves and we should encourage kids to do this at a young age!

Mini Me’s

I love the mommy and me or daddy and me trends that’s happening. The make for great photos too! Children think of their parents as hero’s and role models and they want nothing more than to be just like them.

Statement Jacket

A jacket can complete a whole look. This season in children’s wear, jackets have bold prints and colors, embroidery and patches.

Street Wear

Trendy, urban street wear is super popular and great for kids of all ages. It is the comfortable way to go and ideal for play dates.

Bold Logos and Slogans

Following this trend from both Women and Men’s fashion, big logos and slogans are taking over.

Thank you guys for reading and I hope I helped you stay in trend!

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