World Wide Hair Tour 2018

This past week, I had the opportunity to participate in and experience the backstage chaos of  The World Wide Hair Tour, hosted by Davines. Davines is a family-owned, international hair care brand founded in Parma in 1983.

The World Wide Hair Tour was held in Parma, Italy this Year May 27-29 to show the most creative hairstyling innovations.

Day one was a showcase of the latest trends in hair, fashion and education from stylist all over the world, followed by a welcome dinner. Stylist Include: Anna Pacitto ( Canada); Candice McKay (South Africa); Huub Eysink (The Netherlands); Jame Abu-Ulba (Canada); Jani Beemster (The Netherlands); Jesus Oliver (UK); Sal Misseri (USA); Vincent Moutault (France)

The three-day event then continued with The World Style Contest. A hair show and international stylist executing a final look live on stage. At the end of the night, it was transformed into a dinner and party with a DJ, band, and a few artists.

I had the opportunity to participate in the showcase as a Model for Sal Misseri from Chicago, IL, and his team Kaizen Education. I have been working with Sal and his team for about 5 years now and I was not only excited but grateful that they brought me along on this journey. They are truly one of the best and most talented group of people I know.

Backstage prepping I got to see all of the excitement and chaos of the hair tour. From coloring to cutting, it was never a dull moment. These definitely aren’t your everyday hairstyles, but that’s the fun part of it all. It is such an amazing and unforgettable experience to see their vision come to life.

This theme was “Nature Thinks, Nature Talks.” It was great to see it all come together in the end, I loved every minute of it! I hope you enjoy all of the hard work put into these looks just as much as I did!


7 thoughts on “World Wide Hair Tour 2018”

  1. Looks like this was an amazing experience! I’m curious about how they managed to create most of these styles. You must’ve had a lot of fun!


  2. Wow, I never knew you could do so many unique things with hair. I especially like the style with all the black sticks. Looks very sci-fi to me and something I may use in my writing.


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