Sneaker Head

Hey guys and welcome back for another blog post. Whether you’re heading back yourself or sending the kiddies off, it’s back to school time! Although we all love Summer break, this is an exciting time to shop for our Pre-Fall fashion. I wanted to share some cool sneaker trends that are definitely must-haves for the back-to-school season.

Nike Air…

Personally one of my favs! I love all of the Nike Air family and I find them to be comfortable. From Vapormax, 270’s, Airmax, Air Force and Air Retro. We can’t deny these are the most popular, trendy shoes on the market. Most of them are available for the whole family and tons of colors.

The Dad Shoes

Revisiting the 90’s with this style. We are definitely seeing this trend take over. Available in varies brands, styles and colors. (Left: Puma Thunder; Right: New Balance 624)

Classic High Top

High Top Sneakers are a classic and always in style. You can find these with Vans, Converse and even Jordans. Great for a back-to-school style and definitely can be found for all sizes.


Another one of my favorites because they are a quick get up and go. They are also great for the kids to make it a little easier for them. I find these to be really comfortable with the extra stretch they provide.



2 thoughts on “Sneaker Head”

  1. I absolutely LOVE my sneakers!! I get in a workout 5 days a week and have such a collection from Nike and Adidas to Vans…but I’m still on the lookout for my perfect pair of Converse…..interesting to hear your take on the styles!


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