Fashion Haus

I had the pleasure of not only attending but participating in a Cleveland based event called The Fashion Haus.

Fashion Haus is an exclusive, all-day photo shoot held in Cleveland, Ohio for an artist of any focus. This monthly series was founded by Todd White, the creative director of styling, and Ivan Huang, the creative director of photography. You have the option to choose from three different offers to create your own private, personalized photo shoots. Fashion Haus provide the set, props, and clothing to bring your vision to life. Pop up shops are at every event to give attendees to chance to shop the latest trends from local designers and consignment shops. This past month the team decided to add another great touch to the mix. Taste of Fashion Haus was the latest addition to creating an opportunity to network, dance, eat and drink with like-minded individuals in the industry. Fashion Haus is great for models, singers/rappers, DJs, and tastemakers. This is an event you don’t want to miss.

I absolutely love the idea to bring creatives together and it is something positive Cleveland needed. I have heard lots of great reviews from other attendees as well. If you are in Northeast Ohio or willing to make the trip I definitely recommend checking it out! Please see photos below from previous events. Also, check out the tagged social media profiles.

My Instagram:

Todd White (stylist):

Ivan Huang (photographer):

Fashion Haus:


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