More Decor

After a month and a half, I finally finished decorating my room…and I absolutely love it. I had some request to share where I found my goodies and I thought it would be fun to venture out of fashion. I am really into the glamourous decor and fashion and of course pink so I wanted to incorporate all of those in my room. I hope you guys enjoy!

My Lounge Area

I wanted to create an area where I can sit and read or my friends can come and hang out in my room. I love the idea of a gallery wall so I wanted to create my own version with a fashion theme. I got the 2 larger framed pictures from HomeGoods for $20 each. The 5 smaller pictures (8×10) were ordered from Etsy as a set for $16. I had to get them printed from CVS for $11 and then bought frames from dollar tree. Altogether the gallery wall was $72, which is pretty good because wall art can be pretty expensive. The blush pink rug came from Walmart for $20. The chair ($149) and the stool ($49) is from HomeGoods.



I purchased my bed over a year ago from a store called Sam’s Furniture in Cleveland, Ohio. I bought the set so I don’t remember the price for just the bed. I scored a really great deal on my 8-piece comforter set at Target, it was only $29. The pink blanket is from Walmart for $30. It is queen size, not a throw so that is a plus. The 2 pink pillows in the from came from Walmart as well for $4 each.

Work Space

I work from home, so it was really important for me to have a workspace. I bought the calendar chalkboard ($15), cork board ($15), and the ‘Goals” sign ($10) from HomeGoods. The 2 pictures are from a store called At Home for $10 each. I got the little “C” ($3) in the corner from Five Below. My desk is from Target. I caught it on clearence for $32. Lastly, my favorite is my chair, which is really a barstool. I bought a 2-piece set from Amazon for $70 for my last apartment and I just repurposed it for a desk chair and I gave my sister the other one.

Fashion Corner


I always saw clothing racks for home decor on Pinterest and I wanted one so bad!! You probably won’t get as lucky as me, but this clothing rack was bought from a closing Charming Charlie that was selling all of their fixtures for $10. These can be found online from websites like Amazon. The “rug” that is actually a throw was another amazing deal from Target for $17.

The End Result



I’m so excited to finally be finished with my room. HomeGoods is definetly one of my favorite places to shop for home decor on a budget. I also love Amazon of course, Walmart and Target. I just recently came across At Home, and I am not sure how accessible it is around the US, but if you have one in your area check it out. Thank you guys for reading. Please let me know what you think in the comment!!

6 thoughts on “More Decor”

  1. I really like the colors-pink and dark grey colors convey a sense of peace and elegance. The decor is wonderfully tasteful and inspiring.


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