The Perfect Date Night

Hey guys, and welcome back to my blog! I just wanted to share with you the perfect date night experience. Date night, as we all know, depends on the mood, the occasion and in some cases the season. Ziplining through the rainforest, movie night at the drive-thru, or in this case…a candlelit dinner can all be the perfect night as long as you are spending it with that special someone.

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5 Items To Invest In This Season

Even though it doesn’t quite feel like it…Spring is here! We just have to convince mother nature. I pulled together some of my favorite trends that are a must-have this season. Whether you’re shopping on a budget or splurging on the high end, these items will keep you in trend. All different verisions, fabric, and colors can be found at just about any fashion retailer you walk in. I did invest in almost all of these items, so make sure you subscribe to see my unboxing.

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